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Which comic is your favorite?

Wow. I don’t even know how long this question has been sitting here. Sorry about that. My favorite comic is Devil Dinosaur #2 in which DD escapes the savage folk by jumping and kicking (a staple throughout the series). Also, during the escape a volcano erupts and one of the savage folk screams the phrase “WE CAN DO NOTHING HERE BUT PERISH!” which is hands down my favorite piece of comic book dialog. It is also the name of my main tumblr account. Thanks for the question! Sorry for the wait!

The Return of the King

The first featured collection is one of my own. I, like a whole bunch of people, collect comics. Every Wednesday I stop by my local comic shop(s) to get the new releases and after I read them I file them away in one of my many long boxes. That really isn’t that interesting, but there’s a part of it that I think is. Here goes…

1. What do you collect?

I collect the comics that Jack Kirby wrote and drew in the 70’s when he left Marvel for DC and then went back to Marvel later that decade.

Coffee Table Kirby

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Start at the Beginning…

I am a collector. Most of us are. With this blog I hope to share my collections, but mostly I would like to make this a place for you to share yours. I want to know the story of your collection and I want to see it.

Every collector featured on this blog will be asked the following set of questions:

1. What do you collect?

2. What is it about this item/these items that appeals to you?

3. What was the first piece of the collection?

4. How long have you been collecting?

5. What is your favorite piece of the collection?

6. What piece (if any) is missing from the collection?

If you are interested in sharing your collection you can email me at collectorgasm [at] gmail [dot] com. I hope to feature a new collection every week as well as post a few random pictures, etc. of other noteworthy collections and collectors. Thanks in advance for your interest and involvement. It’s nice to meet you.